If I ask you right now to name your family values, can you do it? Do you have a clear, quick answer?

I think the term “family values” is vague and has taken on too many roles. Things like our personal values should not become politicized. When I talk about family values- I simply mean the values of your family. There’s not one set of family values. Every family has their OWN values!

Does your family value peace and calm or humor and friendliness? Those are two totally different things and they’re both good! There’s not a wrong answer.

If most of us were asked to identify our family values right here on the spot, we’d give a meandering list of things that tare good: kindness, honesty, loyalty, love, faith, hope, joy, friendship, hallmark movies, greeting cards, starbucks, a soft puppy….

When it comes to values- it shouldn’t be a list of things that are nice. It’s just at few key characteristics that are most important to you and your family. Values are unique to each person, to each family.

What do you stand for as a family? Does your everyday life reflect that?

Values are directions, not goals. We can live our lives in the direction of our values, never fully achieving something like kindness or compassion or fun. Think of cardinal directions. We can go east but never fully achieve ‘east’. But if we value east, guess what? Moving in that direction leads to a more fulfilling life!

We can live our values every step along our journey. This is how we find fulfillment. But if we don’t know our values and just list of random things that seem nice, what happens to that opportunity for a fulfilling life?

What direction do you want your family to go? What value do you want to pursue in your family’s journey? What do you want life in your home to be about? You get to choose what’s meaningful!

That’s why as we look to start off 2021 on the right foot, we start with identifying our values. Your very first goal coaching video is all about values! The first few pages in your workbook help you to identify your top 3 before you ever start thinking about goals, ideas, and plans for 2021.

Start with your values. Choose what is meaningful in your home. Identify values that are as unique as your family.

Let’s live out our values in 2021. Here is where to start. Save your seat now for the Parenting with Intention Workshop by hitting the sign up link. We can do better in 2021. We wll do better together.