Parent Coaching

Because Your kids didn't come with an instruction manual.

Build a better relationship with your children and your family, and help you be the confident parent you’d like to be!



Why Parent Coaching?

  • Get customized support and guidance based on your family’s individual needs and goals.
  • Get specific behavior tools tailored to your immediate needs.
  • Address issues such as difficulties with routines and transitions, power struggles, temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, parental anger, discipline, limit setting, homework challenges, disrespectful behavior, and more.
  • Get support identifying family strengths, looks at what is and what is not working within the family.
  • Work collaboratively to create a plan with goals that empower parents to address the challenging issues at hand.
  • Build your own parenting toolbox to have with you forever even after you graduate from your parent coaching program!

I contacted Leanne in a time where I felt pretty overwhelmed. I do not feel overwhelmed anymore. It’s busy, but using basic strategies have helped me stay calm, and focus on what is important.
Leanne helped me get back to basics and sort through the muddle of parenting advice.


Mom of 3

Pre-course we were feeling anxious, desperate, and exhausted. Although I still get a bit anxious when our son pushes back and need to re-focus myself on our tools, I do not dread every single transition throughout our day. Bedtime/rest time used to be a HUGE power struggle, and now it’s not a problem!!


Mom of 2

Why Parenting with ABA?

In addition to 1:1 coaching from Leanne Page, you also receive our Confident Parenting Framework ongoing membership!

What you get:

  • Regular coaching zoom calls with Leanne
  • Email communication in between calls
  • Optional unlimited texting for support on-call as you need it
  • CPF program online modules on the basics of behavior
  • Online modules include video lessons, short readings, downloads
  • Access to future offerings and courses from Parenting with ABA
  • Video lessons and readings assigned outside of coaching sessions
  • Complete questionnaires to guide coaching services

Schedule a call

Set up a free 15-30 minute call with Leanne to see if this is a good fit for you and learn more about Parent Coaching. 

When we first started, we were feeling discouraged, tired, lost, and helpless. Now, we feel empowered, supported, and my husband and I feel like a team!


Mom of 3

I first discovered Leanne Page in the fall of 2015 when her book Parenting with Science was recommended to me.  I read the book in one sitting and was an immediate fan!  I have since passed my copy on to multiple friends! So you can imagine I jumped at the chance to become a part of Leanne’s Confident Parents Crew. 

Prior to my joining the “Crew” my family was in TROUBLE.  My oldest child was displaying lots of attention seeking behavior- refusing to do assignments at school, awful attitude at home, being unkind to his younger brother.  My husband and I were feeling hopeless and clearly what we were doing (punishment, nagging, taking away privileges) wasn’t working.  So I signed up for CPC and my husband and I began watching the videos together.  We would watch a video and then talk about how we could put that concept into action in our own family.  We immediately (and I men immediately) saw a change in our family.  When we began to think about the function of our children’s behavior and respond (or not respond) accordingly everything changed.  We ignored the nonconsequential attention seeking behaviors and praised the dickens out of the behaviors we wanted to see.

Using the principles of ABA has entirely changed the way I parent my children! Highly recommend


Mom of 3

Some of the things life throws your way make it so hard to be the mom you want to be. Why won’t the kids just LISTEN? Why can’t things get easier around here? 

I’ve got your back. Together we CAN make things easier in your home.

*Parent coaching packages start at $275/month.