5 Days to Sibling Kindness.

Yes, even now.

5 Day Challenge for Moms of Littles

Get practical tips & strategies to help your kids be nice to each other.

Yes, really nice!

Via email & a private website, learn behavior tools and then apply them immediately in your home!

A challenge is not all about learning- it’s about doing and seeing real results!

This has made a significant difference in every aspect of our family life. 

Mom of 3

They found ways to be kind ALL afternoon! 

Mom of 2

My boys both loved the activity and spent the remainder of the day being nice to each other. They want to do kindness challenges every day from now on. 

Mom of 2

Built-in Friends

    That’s what we all thought having more than one child would be like, right? A built-in friend right here at home?
    Is that your reality? Maybe sometimes.
    I know it’s what we all want for our kids. But HOW do we make it happen??

What did our last Sibling Kindness Challengers say?

A quote from a mom about having a great day

What is a challenge exactly?

A challenge is a fun way to shake things up! A little learning time for mom, some action plans that take a few minutes each day, videos for kids, printables, and ideas galore for you to actually TRY and DO in your home! 

Create a Kindness Revolution

Join the Sibling Kindness Challenge!

If on a cell phone turn sideways/ horizontal for the form to work best. 🙂

Sibling Kindness Challenge


Why is there a $15 fee?

When things are free, data shows that people don’t really participate or follow-through. This challenge is about seeing the acts of kindness happen. If you have just a little bit of investment in it, you’re more likely to use what’s offered in this challenge and see real change! That’s what I want for you- real sibling kindness! 

As my good buddy (I wish!) Lin Manuel-Miranda wrote in “The Room Where it Happened” in Hamilton, “If you’ve got skin in the game, you stay in the game.”

Who is this for?

Moms of more than one young/ elementary-aged kids who have been at home for way too long and are struggling to get their kids to play nice together.


What all do I get for the $15?

Video lessons in the private website, lots of printables, specific activities/ scripts for working with your kids all to help you set up a system that works for your family.


These are great! We’ve used the I statements for quite a while. I like how these move to another level. Thanks!

Mom of littles

This was great for my guys. I think they actually understood the other’s feelings. 

Mom of 2

Better together!

Life is extra stressful these days. You are balancing one bajillion things- your job, feeding every person 3 times a day or more, attempting to clean the house, read aloud, exercise, limit screen time, give all the screen time, laundry, more laundry, keeping up with the news, avoiding the news, etc.  

Your kids fighting with each other does NOT have to be an extra stressor!

Sibling battles and arguments does NOT have to be the norm.

There IS an easier way!


Your Guide

Leanne Page is a Parent Coach, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), best-selling author, founder of the Confident Parenting Framework, wife, and mom to two littles of her own.

Leanne has worked with children for over 13 years- as a special education teacher, ABA center manager, BCBA, and now as a Parent Coach.

Because all moms deserve to know the best, Parenting with ABA makes the science of behavior analysis accessible and easy to use. Behavior science has been proven with really hard cases and it works just as well for those of us who need help managing behaviors in our homes- moms of littles!

Using positive behavior strategies helps mom turn things around in their homes, helps kids communicate better and have more successes at school & socially, and allows moms to rest easy knowing they are doing what is proven to work.

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Don’t just take my word for it.

Real moms got real results from the Sibling Kindness Challenge.

You can, too.