Resources for Professionals

These downloads are intended for use by Behavior Analysts, RBTs, teachers, therapists, and other related professionals. Let Parenting with ABA do the prep work. Save time for one-on-one modeling and feedback for clients by supporting their learning with tip sheets, readings, and handouts.

Are you a BCBA interested in continuing education credits all about compassionate parent training? 

The Parenting with ABA CE Membership has created a community of professionals who want to empathize with families, empower parents, and share our amazing science with families.

Each month includes a live CE training and discussion, a supportive private FB group, downloads, and extra bonuses along the way!

I am not interested in one-off trainings that you may or may not actually be able to implement in your regular practice. Inside the Parenting with ABA CE Membership, we are building each other up and holding each other accountable as we learn and grow together.

Virtual school/ distance learning support for families! 

Get 38 pages of visuals, printables, instructions, and tools to make this bizarro back to school time easier for every member of the family!

Tip sheets!

A tip sheet is a 2-page document- the front page is your visual summary of the topic, the back page has links to extra easy reading and a list of research references.

Each topic includes:

  • Definition
  • Tips
  • Visual examples
  • Links to parent-friendly readings
  • References

20 topics included: Positive reinforcement, target behaviors, premack principle, finding reinforcers, behavior specific praise, token economies, pairing, task analysis, group contingencies, prompt hierarchy, prompt fading, modeling, matching law, video modeling, shaping, chaining, behavior skills training, motivation, behavior contracts, and self-management. 

Listening Quick Start Guide

This 17-page guide helps moms use positive strategies to get their kids to listen. Get practical strategies and ideas to turn things positive in your home today!



The ebooks available here are based on a specific question, scenario, or topic. Within each ebook you will find multiple behavior analytic strategies and tools. Many examples are given and visuals used throughout. These are made to read quickly and then take action steps for real change in your family!

None of these the right fit for you?

Check out our courses and membership options or message to open the lines of communication for some collaboration and/or custom training and product development!

Group Book Orders

Join the providers who provide a copy of one of these best-selling books to each of the families they work with!

Contact Leanne directly for custom bulk pricing by email Leanne.Page@ParentingwithABA.org.

Group Webinars

Set up a group training for your parents with Leanne Page, author of Parenting with Science & Enjoy Parenting! These live online trainings can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours with plenty of time for questions & discussion. 

Topic will be customized to your group’s needs along the lines of:

  • How we use ABA as parents all the time, even without specific behavior plans
  • Behavior tools to build up the good stuff
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Not just another sticker chart (token economies for parents)

Contact Leanne directly by email for pricing and scheduling Leanne.Page@ParentingwithABA.org.


Each course is prepared around a central theme. Take them one at a time to build your behavior management toolbox, then flex those ABA muscles while finding more time to ENJOY parenting!


Instead of taking a course here or there, join the Behavior Masters Membership. Receive a new module bi-weekly along with lots of extras, a community of support, and a success path to take you from frustrated to confident!

Ready to get started?

Purchase a product above or contact us with questions, ideas, requests for specific topics- you name it! We would love to help you reach more families and help families find success with your own practice!

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