Last week we talked about figuring out what kind of mom you want to be. What are the chosen characteristics or values that you already exhibit or want to show more of? Think of just a couple that you want to go for this week.

Now what do we do with these qualities or characteristics we like to call values?

Try this: Flavor and Savor!

Each morning as you start the day, pick one or two values that you want to experience that day.

You can pick whatever you want- it can be different every day or stick with the same ones each day.

The power is that it’s totally up to you!


Look for opportunities to season your day by sprinkling those one or two values into whatever is going on.

Give your actions the flavor of these chosen values.

Look for ways to be kind, patient, generous, fun- whatever value you chose!

When you cook, you sprinkle seasonings to add flavor and it makes the whole meal better.

Flavor your day by sprinkling in actions that bring to light the value you chose. See if it makes the whole day better for you.


Once you’ve flavored your day with values- enjoy it!


Take a beat.

Notice how you feel right now.

Be proud of yourself.

Give yourself a high five (yes, I’m serious).

You took intentional action to live your values. That’s a big deal. Celebrate it!

Appreciate the difference it makes.

Savor the feelings of living your values.

Appreciate the difference it makes.


What if I realize midday that I never picked a value to focus on today? No problem! Pick one now!

What if I only remember to flavor or savor for an hour each day? No problem! Pay attention to what that hour does for you. Was it a good hour? What thoughts or feelings came up for you? If that time is reinforcing, then you’re more likely to try it again tomorrow and and maybe do even more than one hour!


The whole idea here is to find meaning and fulfillment in our everyday lives. It is available to us- we just have to learn some new habits to help us see it. This is backed by the science of behavior, specifically Acceptance & Commitment Training. These are not some pie in the sky ideas, but proven strategies that have helped so many people find meaning and fulfillment. 

Give yourself some reminders to flavor and savor your day with your chosen values. You could set an alarm on your phone and put in the text “flavor or savor” as a cue. Habit stack so that as you make that first cup of coffee, you add on the habit of thinking about what chosen quality you want to search for that day. Habit stack by adding to your existing habit of brushing your teeth at the end of the day. You’re already going to do that anyway, so add on the new habit of savoring by thinking about all the good moments that day you want to savor. 


Are you willing to try it out? Flavor and savor your chosen values throughout the day!