The Best Thing I Learned Today

When I work with junior high and high school students, I require them to provide me with a ticket out the door before they are allowed to leave. They write on a post-it note the best thing they’ve learned today and the post-it goes on a cutesy sign on the door. It can...

Eye Tracking in Infants an Autism Indicator?

In the news this week is a new research study showing a correlation between infant eye gaze and autism. As those of us in the world of Behavior Analysis know, early intervention is the key to increased success throughout the lifespan. Early detection is a good thing,...

Thankful Month

November is the month when we all start to reflect on what we are thankful for. I’m thankful for: my health, my husband, my education, my family, and good friends, to name just a few.What are you thankful for?