When I work with junior high and high school students, I require
them to provide me with a ticket out the door before they are allowed to leave. They write on a post-it note the best thing they’ve learned today and the post-it goes on a cutesy sign on the door. It can be from any class or any life experience. I only ask that it is something that happened that day and that they are specific when they write it down.

For example, one student wrote “vocabulary words”. I asked him to
instead change it to one word and its meaning.

 Now they have gotten into such a groove that many of them come
bursting through the door at the beginning of our time together saying, “Mrs. Page, guess what I learned in _____ class. It’s really cool…”

It’s a fun way for me to know what is going on in their
  classes and provides an avenue to discuss learning as something that is “cool”.
 It also improves recall throughout
the day.

I enjoy it and hope that maybe others can find it useful,