Are you trying to survive the rest of 2020, mama? You’re not alone.

This year has been a dumpster fire.

Think back to last January- New Year’s. Did you make any resolutions? Do you have goals for yourself and your family? How did they go?

One of my goals was to cultivate strong relationships with my daughters. I’d say I did that one pretty well since mid-March we all were at home together all the time. I worked hard to find ways to keep them educated and entertained.

Think back to last spring. My stress level was through the roof but pretty much everything I did was for the sake of my own mental health and that of my kids. We did daily walks and bike rides for fresh air and exercise. We did science experiments and read alouds for education. We had a picture schedule, a reward system- you name it. We had it.

But 2020 dragged on. Doing all of that is exhausting. Now? As we are near the end of this year- where are all those things? I’m still totally concerned about everyone’s mental health but my level of effort doesn’t exactly look the same.

I’m tired. I’m tired of all of it. What about you? Are you tired, too?

I’ve been hearing from so many moms lately that they are just struggling. Their kids are having new problem behaviors or old issues are sneaking back up. Our kids are tired of all of the 2002-ness, too.

I’ve been hearing from so many moms that school systems are going back and forth with learning plans- in person vs virtual. Families don’t know what next week will hold and aren’t given the option to make that choice for themselves. That stress is so hard on the parents and not to mention the poor kids who just need a little routine and stability!

2020 hasn’t stopped. It hasn’t given us a freaking break. We are tired.

But here’s the thing. We are moms. That means we are always wanting to do what is best. We are always trying to do what is best. We don’t want to be in survival mode.

So I propose that we work together to parent with intention in 2021.  I propose that we sit down together after the new year and focus on our own unique family values. I propose we set goals for ourselves and our kids and not empty resolutions this New Year’s.

We can do better in 2021. We can do it together. We will commit to parent with intention in 2021.