Guest author Daniel Sherwin of Dadsolo shares another great post for parents- homework help!

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When you’re a busy parent, helping your kids with their homework can seem like a chore. But staying active in your child’s education is the best way to help them learn. With a few simple tricks and some helpful advice, you can help your children finish their homework with less fuss from them and less stress for you. Here are some easy ways to help your kids out.




Use Rewards, Not Punishment

Positive reinforcement is a much better way to get kids to do their work. Punishment is no fun for you and doesn’t really make it any easier for your child to learn. To make homework, and learning, a good experience for your kids, try using rewards instead. Rewarding your children for good work is a great way to incentivize completing assignments and making more of an effort when it comes to school. Praise may be enough to win your kids over, but more tangible rewards work as well. Extra time with electronics, a new toy or extended bedtimes are often all your kids will need to get their homework completed on time.

Make Learning at Home Fun

 Sometimes, kids have a hard time doing their homework because they find it boring. But you can help them have fun with school and learning by setting up experiments at home. Simple science experiments such as creating homemade puffy paint can engage your children in the fun of learning. You can use household ingredients to create some educational activities that will help your child explore their love for science and creativity. These experiments can also be especially beneficial for enhancing sensory awareness. Be sure to keep some basic safety equipment handy, such as goggles, aprons and gloves to make sure your little ones are protected while they have fun.

 Provide Some Yummy Snacks

 If your kids seem tired or moody when they’re doing their homework, they may just need something to eat. Proper nutrition helps kids to stay focused on the work in front of them, while boosting their energy levels as well. You can whip up some simple healthy snacks for your children to keep growling stomachs from interfering with their homework groove. Peanut butter on apple slices or hummus with crackers are easy snack options that take only minutes to prepare. Dehydration can reduce focus and energy levels as well, so make sure your kids have plenty of water and liquids to keep them in good shape to finish their studies.

Set Up a Study Space

For many kids, focus can be an issue keeping them from finishing their homework. Sitting in a busy kitchen or in front of the television makes it difficult for kids to concentrate on completing their work. Set up a small space in your home dedicated to studying and homework. You can use a corner of their room or a little space under the stairs. Make sure their stress-free study spot has good lighting and free of distracting windows and electronics (aside from their laptop). You can also use essential oils to further boost their focus and energy.

Pick Up Some Helpful Gear

With the right technology and gear, getting kids to do their homework can be easy and fun. You can pick up a kid-friendly laptop to give your child access to limitless online learning resources. Options including the AWOW Mini Touch Screen Windows 2-in-1 laptop and the DirAction Classmate PC NL2, it’s easy for kids to get used to using the web. Want to teach your kids to use a laptop but not quite ready for them to hit the Internet? The VTech- Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop is just one of many designs with younger children in mind.

With a busy schedule, it can be hard to know how to help your kids with their homework without stressing yourself out. Luckily, a few changes are all you need to get your kids excited to learn, ready to focus and able to tackle any assignments that they bring home.