ABA for Moms of Littles- let’s learn some technical vocabulary!

You: Ummm…why would I want to do that!
Me: I’ll do my very very best to make it worth your while!

Word of the week: ANTECEDENT

Antecedent- conditions immediately before a behavior occur; what happens immediately before a behavior occurs.
How does this apply to you?

Pay attention to what happens RIGHT before your kiddo has a meltdown, flails wildly, or cries and you don’t know why. 

This ANTECEDENT could be the trigger leading to that problem behavior. If you figure out what that is- you could prevent it and never have to experience that oh so fun tantrum.


You pick up older sibling from school with younger sibling in tow. You chat with older sibling, praise older for having a good day, and focus on older sibling. 

When you get home, Little refuses to sit at the table and have snack. Tears and gnashing of teeth. What is going on?

Well- just before this meltdown you were devoting all your attention to Big. Maybe Little needs some more attention from you and from Big and to be included in the after-school chat, praise, and happy time.

Word of the week: ANTECDENT. Say it with me… 

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