I had a great time visiting with Dr. Becca Tagg on her Business of Behavior Podcast recently. Her podcast is geared for behavior analysts who are growing their business. How do you successfully share this life changing science? By using smart business practices! One of the big themes here is just do it. I have ideas for how to help parents- so I get things started and try it out and reach out to parents. Find what you love doing and go for it- even in our busy, crazy lives. I LOVE sharing ABA with parents because I see every day that it really does make a HUGE difference. What do you love doing? 


**If you also love sharing ABA with parents (or other helpful tips), I also like to lift others up by sharing their work here at Parenting with ABA. Give me a shout if you’d like to do a guest blog post or some other collaboration together! We rise by lifting others. 🙂