Picture this scene. Use your imagination. Mom is now in charge of homeschooling multiple children at different levels for the rest of the school year. Children are not at all used to having mom give them academic instruction and spending their days like this. Children balk. Mom gets angry. Voices raise. Little to no school work actually gets done.

What is everyone learning right now? That this just sucks. That’s what.

Was that hard to picture? You didn’t even need to use your imagination did you?

This is HARD. It’s okay to admit that. This situation is HARD.

Behavior tools can make it easier. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t just mean an end to quarantine. It can be easier at home, even with the demands of home schooling on top of everything else.

Let us make it easier for you. Check out the Confident Parenting Framework trial offer going on now. Doors close Thursday night!