When it feels overwhelming and exhausting this week, you have permission to pause and take a breather. Step away, even if only for a moment. Science shows us that fresh air can help our nervous systems regulate. So even if it’s crazy cold, breathe some cold fresh air and get outside for a moment for you!

Moms do most of the work of the holiday magic- gift purchasing and wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating, hosting, packing for travel, managing schedules, dealing with kids’ sleep interruptions, …The list could go on forever, right? And then when the big day is over, what happens? Moms start to clean up, pack and organize the new stuff, and still ALL the other things. So change up the pattern this year! Ask for help. Plan some alone time or friend time. Just because you usually jump right into clean up mode doesn’t mean you have to do it that way this year. What would help you recharge for a hot minute so you can enjoy the rest of the winter school break with your family instead of feeling worn out? Tell your people what you need. Get creative in making that a reality. You deserve it, Mama!


The end of the year is coming so soon. 2022 brought all kinds of things, didn’t it? Today, reflect on what went well this year. What was wonderful and fun, and you want to remember it forever? Pause and reflect. You can take 30 minutes and write in a journal. You can take 30 seconds and just think of one thing! Science tells us that this way of practicing gratitude is good for both our brains and our nervous systems. So take more than 30 seconds if you can, or do the 30 second bit multiple times throughout the day. The point is to pause, reflect, and be grateful for specific things from 2022.

I dare you to look back through the photos on your phone of this year and try not to smile. We tend to take photos of the highlights, right? Or even better- do you post to a personal Instagram or Facebook? That is the super high highlights reel, right?!  Use your photo album on your phone or your social media to give your brain a hit of dopamine. Smile and reminisce about the past year. Think about the good stuff instead of dwelling on the bad.

Good things happened in 2022. You took pictures of it. Look at those pictures and try not to smile… I dare you!

As we reflect back on 2022, look at pictures, and find happy things to be thankful for, we can take it one step farther by doing this WITH your family today. You can all look through pictures together and ask what each person’s favorite things were from 2022. You can do this individually with each family member for a more intimate conversation and a moment of connection. You can do this around the dinner table in a silly way. You can probably come up with a bajillion other ways to talk to your people about what went well in 2022. Try just one way. See how it goes.  You’ll be thankful that you did – I promise.

Doing this simple end of year activity together not only gives everyone the mental health benefits of practicing gratitude, but it also brings you all together as a family.

Send out 2022 in the best way possible- as a connected family who listens to each other and celebrates together!