Ever feel like you are just speaking into the void and no one cares? You must be a mom- especially a mom in 2020!

When it comes to getting your child to listen to you…many of you said that it’s hard to get them to even acknowledge that you are speaking to them!

How do we get them to follow directions if they aren’t even listening to the directions in the first place?! And how it is so frustrating to repeat yourself over and over and over.

Steps to success in getting your kids to pay attention to you

1. Get their attention first. We have to interrupt whatever is currently going on- and somehow win that battle for attention from something they prefer more than listening to mom giving instructions. I mean, what could be more fun than listening to mom giving instructions? Oh- everything? I see.

  • Be silly. Interrupt with silliness. Make silly faces, silly poses, or use different voices. Get their attention AND a smile on their face before you even start to give instructions.
  • Start with a joke, then give the instructions.
  • Say something absurd. Instead of “Go wash your hands” try “Go wash your earlobes”. Let your kids correct you- now they have said the instructions themselves! “Oh silly me. Wash your hands, not your earlobes!”

2. Give instructions by stating just what you need them to do. Tell your kids what needs to happen.

    • Don’t ask them if they want to do it. Just tell them.
    • Short and sweet- no time for a lecture. We want kids to listen to us. A lecture makes them just want to tune out.
    • State, don’t ask.
    • Say this/ not that

3. Check for understanding after you give the instruction. Be specific.

  • Don’t just ask, “Do you understand?”. Anyone can nod and give an uh-huh even if they have no clue what you actually said.
  • Ask them to repeat it back to you. “What did Mom just say?”
  • Use fill in the blanks. “Go wash your ____.”
  • Ask them to show you by pantomiming or acting it out. “Show me what that will look like.”

Your 3 steps to success in getting your kids to pay attention to you:

  1. Get their attention in happy fun ways.
  2. Tell them directly what needs to happen.
  3. Check for understanding.

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