Did you know the hashtag #dreambig has over 14 million posts on Instagram?

#liveyourbestlife has 3.8 million posts

#familygoals has 8.3 million posts

These numbers tell us what we already know- we want to be the best version of ourselves as moms. We want to live our best lives.

Give yourself permission to dream big for 2021. Give yourself the opportunity to dream big for 2021. Give yourself the chance to live your best life. Take a moment to consider what your family goals even are.

Give yourself a pause at the start of the new year to reset, recenter, and refresh.

The Parenting with Intention Workshop gives you a space for all of that. Together, we will clarify your family values and make sure that your intentions for the year are all about living your values.

In order to live our best mom lives, we need to put in a small amount of effort. I’ve made it as simple as possible for us to do things by design, to be more intentional. The workshop consists of a workbook to download and fill out and coaching videos to help you with every single page. The videos are only a few minutes each because I know just how precious your time is. Let’s work smarter, not harder to make 2021 your best year ever.

My wish for you is to start off the new year feeling refreshed but also feeling empowered that even when life throws super crazy stuff at you, you can be the mom you want to be. You are prepared to parent with intention. You are ready to live your best mom life.