When your body doesn’t have enough hours to rest, you may feel tired or cranky, or you may be unable to think clearly. You might have a hard time following directions, or you might have an argument with a friend over something really stupid. A school assignment that’s normally easy may feel impossible, or you may feel clumsy playing your favorite sport or instrument.

One more reason to get enough sleep: If you don’t, you may not grow as well. That’s right, researchers believe too little sleep can affect growth and your immune system — which keeps you from getting sick.


Sleep is so very important for all of us- especially our kids. We can’t force our kids to sleep. But we CAN set up healthy routines and systems to encourage calmer bedtimes, staying in bed all night, and self soothing/ calming routines our kids can do on their own to help go to sleep in their beds.

Bedtime struggles are exacerbated by the fact that all parties involved are tired. No matter how much they may screech at you that they are actually not tired at all, we know the truth. Is there a way to make it all easier?

Who needs more sleep?! All of us with small children, right?!

I’m super excited to offer a live class (it’ll also be recorded) all about bedtime, nighttimes and sleep along with Victoria Tenenbaum, Behavior Analyst & Sleep Consultant.

Who is this upcoming class all about sleep for?
Parents who of preschool-elementary aged kids who:
–dread bedtime because it’s just TOO.MUCH.
–get woken up multiple times a night
–are running on a sleep deficit because their kids won’t sleep all night
–put kids down in their own beds only to wake up with the kids in bed with them!

Now that we are home all the time- get those bedtime/ nighttime/ sleep issues under control!

Help! We need our sleep back!

This live one-hour class is for all parents of young children who are ready to be done with the bedtime battles!

This live class will take place via zoom on May 6th at 9pm EST/ 8 CST.

Not sure if you can get that exact hour free? All registered will receive a recording following the event!

There is a small fee and a limited number of spaces so be sure to sign up soon!