Keeping our kids on task to do their school work is a new issue for lots of parents.

So are there any behavior tools that can help? Of course!

One such tool is to break down each task into smaller steps. Instead of having your child do ALL of the math problems on the page, cover up all but one row. Have them do one row, then provide some positive reinforcement. This could be a high five, some praise, a token for their token economy, or even a short break.

Break down the school work into smaller chunks. Reinforce getting one small chunk done. Then when the whole day’s work is done- BIG reinforcement/ reward!

Break it down. You got this! 👊

What is a task analysis?

A task analysis involves breaking a complex skill into smaller, teachable units, the product of which is a series of sequentially ordered steps or tasks.  (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007)

Learn more here: https://www.parentingwithaba.org/task-analysis/.