Becoming parents together has been amazing for my husband and me. It has brought us closer and somehow I love him even more as I watch him being the best dad in the whole world.

Doing what is best for our kids is top priority. We want to teach and build up. We want to encourage and guide. We want our kids to feel loved.

But, life gets in the way sometimes. Kids struggle. Kids have problem behaviors we’ve not encountered before. We are two separate adults who handle things in our own ways. The individuality that drew us together as a couple can make it hard to parent consistently.

Consistency is recommended by every single parenting expert out there. But we are two people- it’s impossible to do everything consistently. All the time.

And the tension with keeping consistent doesn’t require two people. With our crazy busy lives, how is one person supposed to respond the same way every single time to our kids? How are we supposed to parent consistently from one chaotic minute to the next?

What if there was a way to make this easier?

It’s possible to lean on some structure you’ve put in place to ease this tension of the search for consistency in your home. Even between 2 parents or multiple caregivers. 

What if a simple system could relieve the pressure we put on ourselves to be consistent all the time?

Give yourself some grace, mama. It’s not possible to be 100% consistent without a little support. Systems can be a game changer for that. We can find ways to be consistent without relying on ourselves alone.