Parenting is hard. How many people have offered you parenting “advice”? Just in the last month- can you even count?

As parents, we have a TON of information coming at us. Like we are the ones with a ton of spare time to read all the books, articles, and blogs about how to be a good parent. It’s not like we have little (or big) humans to take care of, right?

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by it all. When our kids have tantrums, arguments, and don’t follow directions, it’s easy to become frazzled and emotional.

There is a better way. There is a whole SCIENCE of behavior with decades of research to teach us how to handle behavior better with our own kids.

Ready to dig through the research? No? How about I do that for you?

Today- the Turn It Positive Workshop is available free for any and all parents, caregivers, whomever to learn some evidence-based ways to use the science of behavior.

Are you ready to Turn it Positive with your own kids? It’s never too late to stop the nagging, arguing and frustration.

Let me help you dig through all those parenting opinions and access behavior analytic strategies quickly and easily.

Let’s Turn it Positive in our homes together- starting right now!

We CAN go from frazzled and frustrated to cool, calm, & collected parents!