Today is World Autism Awareness Day. My family is all decked out in blue as we raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Children with ASD will always hold a special place in my heart. I have learned so many important life lessons while working with students and clients and look forward to what they can teach me in the future. 

Besides just raising awareness for autism, why don’t we take this month of April to raise awareness for interventions that are scientifically backed? Why don’t we focus on what the research tells us REALLY works for these kids and families?

I’ve share this article before, “How Science Trumps the Junk in Treating Autism”.
Here is a quote from the article: 
“Applied behavior analysis is based on more than 40 years of experimentation with people and animals, using scientifically based principles of learning that apply to everyone, Foxx said. “It’s empirically based. It has accountability.”

Here is another article from the National Autism Center, “…Most Comprehensive Review of Autism Interventions”
Here is a quote from this article:
The one intervention determined to be effective for adults, and nearly all of those classified as effective for children and adolescents, are behaviorally based, meaning they are grounded in the methodologies of applied behavior analysis, behavioral psychology, and positive behavior support.”

ABA works! It works for kids and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and it works for anyone!