If you look up #momfail on Instagram, some of the posts are really funny. Things like kids with backwards, mismatched clothes, mom with backwards, mismatched clothes, showing up in costume on the wrong theme day at school, etc.

But the whole idea of a trending hashtag for mom failures kinda sucks. Being a mom is stressful enough without all of the internet laughing at our mistakes. I share my silly mistakes with my mom friends for sure and we enjoy a good laugh together. But that’s just it, we are laughing together.

How many moms lose sleep at night because they are worried about their kids? Um, all of them. All of the moms

How many moms have run through a million scenarios about what’s going on in their child’s life at school or social situations? Every last one of us.

How many moms have questioned their own parenting choices? Yes. All the moms.

When a little person is entrusted to our care every single day, we stress about all the things. Big things, small things, whatever size things- we are bound to worry about them.

When our hearts grow to love this little person in ways we didn’t even know were possible, we want the absolute best in the whole wide world for our children. And we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

Do moms want to fail? Do we itch for our next #momfail post? Nope. At least not most of us.

But do moms make mistakes? Um, yeah. We are human after all. So when we make mistakes in our parenting, big or small, do we deserve better than #momfail? We deserve to be supported and encouraged by our mom tribes. We deserve to have people we trust to brainstorm ways to fix the mom fail or whatever is going on. We deserve the best. Why? Because we are doing our very best. We are giving it our all and even when we make mistakes, we’re still crushing it as this mom job.

{{Virtual fist bump.}}