My new book is being released on April 6, 2020!

Enjoy Parenting: The busy mom’s behavior toolbox

Parenting is stressful. Being a good mom is a hard job and every mom’s goal.

When kids have problem behaviors, moms wonder if they are doing the right thing and can easily begin to feel helpless. If problem behaviors go unchecked, what kind of future will their child have?!

Because all moms deserve to know the best, Enjoy Parenting makes the science of behavior analysis accessible and easy to use.

What’s the hardest part of the day for you as a mom? Mornings, mealtimes, bedtimes? We’ve got the right tools for all of these!

Enjoy Parenting teaches specific behavior tools but then it shows you tons and tons of examples of how to use these tools for the time of day that is hardest for you, mama. We’ve got you covered!