My Little has recently decided to fling herself backward in protest whenever she is unhappy with whatever I have done to her so horrifically- like take away something that is potentially unsafe for her.

Something that has been working in my home is: providing choices. Before I take something away from my girl, I give her two things to pick from instead.  I can prevent the mini-tantrum coming my way by heading it off at the pass.

No, you can’t play with the dog’s bone, but would you like this ball or this stuffed monkey instead.

I have to make sure that what I’m offering her is something goooood. Something she actually will want tot hold and play with as an alternative to whatever has her engaged at the moment.

Offering choices has been shown in behavioral research to be an effective strategy to decrease problem behavior.

Research says it works. Maybe you should try it, too!

Give your child some control over their day, their activities, their food. Offer choices and prevent problem behavior as much as you possibly can. Wouldn’t you rather just avoid the tantrum altogether? I would!

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Don’t take my word for it. Research says so, too!
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