Parenting is the hardest job ever. It changes day to day, minute to minute. Just when you feel like you’ve gotten into a good groove with your kids, something changes. They are growing and changing constantly so what does that mean for us as parents? We have to grow and change constantly too. All that growing and changing is just exhausting!

We all want to be the picture perfect ideal parent. But can anyone achieve that ideal? Is there any way to make this easier?

Good news…

There is a way to make this easier without feeling overwhelmed with all there is to learn and do as we grow and change with our kids.

It’s called Parent Coaching, and I’m here to help with that!

When you find yourself overwhelmed by this parenting gig, what sounds helpful to you? Venting to a friend that gets it? What if that friend also happened to have training in the science of behavior and years of experience helping parents just like you? What if that friend you could just talk things out with was also the author of 2 best-selling parenting books?

That friend does exist, and that friend happens to be me!

I’m Leanne, the mom and BCBA behind Parenting with ABA. Combining these roles lets me pursue my passion- sharing positive behavior strategies with a population who can really use it- parents! I spend a lot of time creating trainings to help make it easy for all parents to digest and apply behavioral techniques in their own lives. My goal is to save parents’ sanity every day!

Parent coaching is for you if you have ever thought any of these things:

  • I wish there was an easier way to figure out what is going on with my child.
  • I just want a little help.
  • I wish I could talk to someone who just gets it- this is hard!
  • Why does it seem like so many moms have it all together and I don’t?
  • This mom guilt is constant. How can I make it stop?
  • My child’s behavior feels out of control. I don’t know what to do.

Parent coaching is a one-on-one relationship with a coach who (*hopefully*) has specific education and training to share with you. It’s about working together to create a plan to help you be proactive in your parenting. Parent coaching is a partnership to help you get over a hurdle in your parenting where you feel stuck. It’s a way to get support and hand holding along with advice and tips.

Coaching is for the parent who is ready to make a change but doesn’t have the bandwidth to read one more parenting book or take a parenting course. You want someone to give you the cliff’s notes version, to make it just about you and your family- not generalizations or sweeping statements.

At Parenting with ABA, I am all about getting personal and looking at your immediate situation and help you find your way out so you can be the proactive, positive parent you want to be. I have the knowledge and experience to help you get where you want to go on your parenting journey.

Parent coaching with Parenting with ABA is about living YOUR family values, no one else’s. It’s about learning simple behavior tools to help your children and also to help you manage the mental load of parenthood. I combine basic behavioral principles with acceptance and commitment training to work alongside you to help you determine the path your family should be on. So often life feels out of your control, but we can use simple methods to help you get to the point where you get to choose what family life can look like for you.


Parent coaching can be a short-term solution to a problem you are dealing with right now. We can work together to find the plan or tools to help you get over a hump you are struggling with like specific behavior issues.

Parent coaching can also be an ongoing support system for you. It can be there to walk alongside you regularly and help you choose the kind of parent you want to be- over and over again as things change all the time for your kids, for your family, for you.

Parenting with ABA will work to fit the unique needs of you and your family. We can work together to lessen the hard parts of parenthood so you can be better equipped to promote the values and goals you have in mind for your family.

Some of the things life throws your way make it so hard to be the parent you want to be. Why won’t the kids just LISTEN? Why can’t things get easier around here? Why is there so much to do and figure out all of the time?

I hear you… This parenting job is harder than ever. But there is hope.

Learning to use simple behavior tools has helped so many parents feel less stress, gain direction, and truly enjoy parenthood. You can take steps to be more connected with your child as you grow in your parenting role.

I’ve got your back.

Together we CAN make things easier in your home.

Whether you find support here or somewhere else, please know that you are worth it. You are not alone. This parenting job is HARD! And it’s okay to admit that and get the support you deserve. You got this.


If you’d like to learn more, please reach out and book a FREE brainstorming session. Let me alleviate the guesswork and guide you to learn the strategies to be the parent you truly want to be. I’m happy to answer your questions and give more insight on the benefits of parent coaching.

You can set up your session here: Book a FREE brainstorming session with Leanne!