When working with clients, a potent reinforcer is crucial. How do you determine what is reinforcing to your clients? (Please say you do a reinforcer assessment/ survey for every client.) I like to try to find new and creative reinforcers for myself, my husband, my dogs, my clients, you name it!

How do you use reinforcement contingencies in your life? My friends and I like to go to the pool when we can BUT lately we’ve been going to the gym together first and then directly to the pool. First work out, then you can go relax. The pool is a very strong reinforcer for us! I also really like shopping (shocking, I know). So after I accomplish something major, I cruise the internet stores for a
For my puppies I recently found that they love asparagus. I was trimming off the yucky ends and demonstrating to a friend how they can roll over (I know they are so smart and talented. They can roll over.) They went crazy for a bite of asparagus. Why do I give them expensive treats? They like some vegetables! I’ve since done a reinforcer assessment with them by just trying different veggies as I use them for our human food.
For small children- do they really need edible reinforcers? No. Find an activity that is new and exciting to them based on their interests. 
How about some fun activities as reinforcers and not just a toy or snack. Ideas: physical activity like dancing, jumping, swinging; singing songs, listening to music, playing instruments; art work, drawing in chalk, marker, crayon, painting, play dough, clay; games with turn taking, board games, computer or iPad games, physical activity games.
Do they like cars? Then pretend to be a car or be in a car and act it out. Now the kid likes pretend play. What?! That would be great if we could teach kids to engage in typical play patterns. We can- make them reinforcing. 
I’ve started to digress into developing new reinforcers, but I’ll save that for another day.