Aba nerd alert

I went to a casino today for the first time in years and all I could think about was the schedules of reinforcement on the slot machines! I was trying to count how many spins between wins of any size to determine if it was on a variable ratio schedule and to find the smallest VR number to mean more winnings for me. I finally found a machine that I surmised was on a VR-3 schedule but I still lost some money. (Only a few dollars- I don’t take risks gambling.) What was the kicker? The quantity of the reinforcer! I may bet 45 cents and win back 35 cents. But I still considered it a win. If you consider those losses since they actually are the schedule of reinforcement would definitely have a higher ratio.
We walked out of the casino after a few hours with smiles on our faces. We didn’t win big, but we didn’t lose big either. I’ll even go gamble again. In a few years. 
That casino may have gotten a little bit of my money but why weren’t those schedules of reinforcement more potent for me? Why didn’t I spend even more money or why don’t I want to go back any time soon? No strong terminal reinforcer. Maybe if I won big more often-or ever- I’d be more inclined to gamble more often.
In the end I was the big winner- I did not succumb too much to slot machine intermittent schedules of reinforcement! Winning!