It’s that time of year again for teachers- time to sit all day through interesting (or not so interesting) inservice days, time to create new lesson plans, time to physically set up a classroom, time to get mentally prepared for the first day of school.
As a Behavior Analyst, I teach children to seek out their own reinforcement and praise by showing finished work to teachers and telling parents all the good things that happened or that they accomplished. Why do we forget as adults to seek out our own positive reinforcement , too?
This is a very stressful time of year for teachers. We want everything to be perfect for the first day/week of school and Open House. We do everything from manual labor to creative artwork on top of making a learning environment with pinpointed lesson plans that are differentiated to meet all the potential levels of learners we will greet with open arms in two short weeks. Teachers NEED positive reinforcement right now. Seek it out!
Tell a friend all that you accomplished before lunch today and graciously accept their praise and compliments. Set up a fun activity to do at the end of the day with your co-workers, friends, spouse, or family. Let that be a fun reinforcer for you to earn by working hard all day.
Rarely does someone come in and see all your hard work in your classroom and give you praise for it, so invite them in. Show off your adorable name tags, well-written parent letters, and detailed lesson plans and activites.
Seek out the positive reinforcement you need right now. Teachers deserve it!
All you teachers out there who are giving up your end of summer free time to re-create cool ideas you saw on Pinterest, who are working hard to make this year even bettter for your students: You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! You ROCK!