About a month ago, I shared with you about a strategy often used in the autism spectrum/ special ed worlds: social stories.  I wanted to try using a social story on my own toddler to see if that would improve things when I dropped her off for child care.  I even shared my exact story that I wrote. 

We’ve been reading that homemade book daily, usually at her request. She can even fill in the blank when I pause sporadically throughout the story. If I could understand all her babbling words, she could probably recite the story to me.

So is all this helping? I think so! As a BCBA, I’m sad to report that I don’t have any actual data since I’d have to ask child care workers to time her fussing or something. BUT anecdotally I can say that things have improved!

My daughter and I go to the gym 3 times a week. The first few weeks that we started going, I was paged to return to the child care center every single time we went. Every. Single. Time! The last 3 times- no page!! Last time we went, my girl even ran around playing with toys instead of running to me when I came to pick her up! 

So- my social story strategy seems to be working! ABA peeps- I apologize for anecdotal data. Moms- try it! It’s working! 

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