5. It’s a quick read! At only 68 pages, even the busiest of moms can find time to eek out a chapter here and there!

4. It’s not boring. At least not too boring. I’m told it’s humorous and even heard my husband laugh out loud while proofreading it. 

3. It gives step-by-step instructions for all behavior strategies presented. Literally. A table at the end of each chapter with numbered steps. Does it get any easier than that?

2. It reminds Mom that you are in control. Seriously. You are in control. Don’t believe any tiny tyrants who say otherwise!

1. The struggle is real. Parenting is tough. Toddlers are tough. Big kids are tough. We need all the tools possible to win at parenting!

Parenting with Science: Behavior Analysis Saves Mom’s Sanity available exclusively on amazon