As I have tiny parenting successes, I think- what behavior analysis strategy did I just inadvertently use? 

This week I realized I used errorless learning twice! Errorless learning means I found a way to prevent the problem behavior, thus preventing her from making the error. I blocked the problem behaviors! Go me!

1. At the grocery store, my little darling pitched a fit when I scooped the remnants of my shopping list paper out of her mouth and refused to let her eat paper. How did I employ errorless learning- I didn’t use a paper list next time we went to the store. I used my phone and tried to hide it from her sight when I double checked my list. I also made sure she had other appropriate teething items to have in her mouth instead of a list or my phone. The second trip went MUCH smoother than the first. We even got almost everything that was on the list. How do I always forget something?!

2. On the changing table, my sweet girl has been grabbing hold of the back of the table and rolling onto all fours in a smooth move. Well- this is a little on the dangerous side as well as totally annoying when I’m trying to change a dirty diaper. If I put something interesting (hairbrush, comb, etc) in her hands it keeps her from grabbing the back of the table which was the start of that unsafe behavior chain.

This week I had some un-fun times and remedied them using errorless learning. Woohoo!

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