What’s the biggest problem facing parents today?

We are overwhelmed with too much information coming at us! Everyone has an opinion about how we are to raise our children to be kind humans. What is credible? What is nonsense? How can we tell? How do we make the right decisions for our children? These worries keep us parents awake at night and cause entirely too much stress!

Parents have a lot of information coming at them- some of it legit, a lot of it just noise.

Why cloth diapers are the gold standard vs. why cloth diapers are terrible. Make your own baby food vs. buy all these fancy organic baby food pouches.

The noise, unfortunately, doesn’t die down as your children grow.

Mommy blogs, parenting books, well-meaning relatives are all coming at you. I know. They’re coming at me, too.

Then there’s social media… Talk about influencer overload! The trend on social media these days seems to have shifted from being the perfect Pinterest mom (or dad) to the hilariously imperfect parents whose children are completely out of control. Where is the balance? Who wants to be either of these extremes? How do you know where to ground yourself as a parent?

Is there a solution? Yes- science. 

With all the stuff coming at us parents- let’s stick with science. What do the data and research tell us? I know it’s boring. I promise you don’t have to read the research. But wouldn’t you like to know that it’s there backing up your choices?

As a busy parent, do you want to spend your valuable time trying out some random person’s ideas? Or do you want to implement strategies that are proven effective through research and applications over decades? The latter option is nerdy, sure, but evidence-based practices can build some serious parenting confidence! Parenting with ABA has the evidence-based tools you need to build your parenting toolbox.

Behavior analysis is the science of behavior. When it comes to raising children, their behavior can be one of the biggest stressors on parents. How do we handle it? Stick with science.

If your child is physically ill, who do you turn to? Do you go to the pediatrician who has many, many years of medical school and experience under their belt? Or do you go to Johnny’s mom down the street who claims that eating the bark of the oak tree in her back yard has cured Johnny’s sinus problems?

The answer seems obvious: stick with science

Parenting with ABA is researched backed. It promotes positive, behavior strategies that are proven effective.

Stick with science, stick with Parenting with ABA!

What is Parenting with ABA? 

ABA = Applied Behavior Analysis. This acronym simply means using the science of behavior- applying it! Throughout this book, this acronym is the quick way of saying behavior analysis, behavior science, evidence-based behavior strategies, and all those technical terms! It’s easier to read, say, and remember than longer nerdy sounding phrases. ABA= the science of behavior.

You can apply the principles of behavior to everyday life. Take small, actionable steps. We are not talking about a thirty-page behavior intervention plan.

Behavior analysis for parents is not a strict, militaristic approach.

It is not a kneejerk reaction and jump to use punishment.

ABA is not used to make all our children act identically and turn them into little robots.

It simply promotes positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors. It teaches proven methods to help us be more effective parents. That is a win-win for all.

Framework for parenting with positive reinforcement:

  1. Focus on what you want your child to do INSTEAD.
  2. Tell them. Succinctly.
  3. Teach them the skill/ behavior.
  4. Catch them being good.
  5. Reward them for doing it.
  6. Watch to see if your rewards are actually working.
  7. Adjust, fade, repeat as necessary.

Parenting with ABA harnesses the power of positive reinforcement to build up those desired behaviors and to teach new appropriate behaviors. It’s setting our kids up for success both now and in the long run. Using small, actionable steps can help us be more effective and more efficient as parents. And then what’s left? Time to ENJOY our kids! Isn’t that why we became parents in the first place?

Ready to take a step towards being a more informed, effective, and efficient parent? Ready to promote positive behaviors and see a meaningful change in your parent-child relationship?

Check out my mini-parenting courses to learn more and get started today. Find them here!