I am not a parenting expert. (Gasp- the Parenting with ABA gal is not a parenting expert!) I don’t honestly believe anyone can possibly be a parenting expert. Parenting is different for every mom, dad, and child. Parenting changes from phases and changes of life, to moods and settings of each day. Parenting is not something any of us can be an expert in. So what’s the point in learning the methods and science of Parenting with ABA?

I am not a parenting expert but I AM a behavior analyst. I AM an expert in knowledge of the science of behavior and how to apply the principles of behavior analysis to different situations- including parenting.

There’s a LOT of noise out there in the parenting expert world. We can read books, blogs, take courses, and listen to lectures on any of a bajillion topics related to parenting. And many of us do (including myself!). It’s great to learn what we can and apply it to our lives- in all areas of personal development, not just parenting.

What makes PwABA different? I am not here to share my ideas and opinions. I am simply here to make the science of behavior and learning accessible and useful to any and all parents. I am here to save you time and effort by giving you evidence-based, scientific tools to increase desired behaviors, increase communication, and turn things positive in your home!f

So keep learning all you can- but when it comes to making real change, stick with science.

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