Two brothers were born only a year apart in Germany, 1785 & 1786, named Jacob and Wilhelm. They lost their father at a young age and their family struggled financially. Despite the hardships, both brothers went to university together and studied law. Jacob rose to the ranks of the royal librarian for the new King of Westphalia, Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon’s younger brother).

Jacob hired his brother Wilhelm as his library assistant. Here they worked side by side to preserve their country’s culture by gathering, researching, and committing oral stories to paper. They published these stories and no doubt you have read many of them now, over 200 years later.

The brothers’ last name? Grimm. The Brothers Grimm have shaped our history.

The Brothers Grimm

Now imagine your own children. Close your eyes. Just kidding- then you can’t read the rest of this. Open your eyes back up!

Imagine your own children. Can you picture one child hiring the other to be their assistant? How would that power dynamic work out? Would they be able to get over the imbalance of power and put aside their differences of opinion to achieve a common goal?

Right now today can your kids work together for a few minutes without arguing?

Right now does it feel like one child or another always has to have the upper hand? The “power”?

Right now are you wishing your kids would stop fighting over silly things and just realize how great they have it?

Right now are you wondering how on earth you are going to manage virtual school with more than one child at home for any part of this upcoming school year? If they can’t get along in the summer, how will we get through a bizarro world school day??

You’re not alone.

Statue of the Brothers Grimm

Where would we be today without the stories and folklore given to us by the Brothers Grimm?

What on earth would our kids watch on Disney plus all quarantine long?!

If they couldn’t work together, what history and culture would be lost?!

Back to imagining things. Eyes open this time!

Imagine a day without a sibling argument. Imagine them hanging out together as best friends. Imagine the inside jokes, the bonding, the support for each other. 

Now quit imagining and help make that the reality!

You don’t have to do it alone- I’ve got your back. Learn some legit research-backed tools to make that reality in our 5 Days to Sibling Kindness Challenge. We can do this together as moms! Your kids can do big things now and in the future- together in kindness!

Time to start a kindness revolution in our own homes!