Do holidays stress you out? Is Thanksgiving a prime time for problem behavior? 

Here’s an idea: Let’s try to prevent problem behavior in our children! You are welcome to try these things on the grown-up family members in your life, too, but the focus here is kiddos. Good luck with the rest of the fam!

How about using a social story to prepare for Thanksgiving? I told you a lot about social stories here.  I even shared a personal example of success with a social story here and here

Now- how about I provide you with a few free Thanksgiving specific social stories? Okay! (Note: I did not write these. No need to reinvent the wheel unless you have a specific Thanksgiving scenario you want to prepare your child for. Then go ahead and re-invent and make a personalized story for your kid.)

This one from Autism Speaks is pretty generic, but recommends your child seek out a quiet place if they need to during the holiday mayhem, I mean fun family time. 

And here is another social story with some fill in the blank pages to help you personalize without having to rewrite the whole story. 

This free social story is filled with visuals. I find the pictures a little overwhelming, but then again, I know how to read words. A little one might like to ‘read’ the pictures! 

This link contains files you can download beyond just social stories. It also has schedules and other visual supports. 

A lot of these resources are specifically created for children with autism spectrum disorders. But here’s the secret. They are research-based and can work with ALL children. Trust me, I’ve seen it work in my very own household! 

The secret to a peaceful Thanksgiving: positive behavior supports like social stories. Give ’em a shot!

Learn about other strategies on this site and in my book, Parenting with Science!