Picture this. It’s 3 am. In a dark room. The sound of the ocean is all you hear. You rock back and forth. Back and forth.That’s where I found myself a few nights ago. Only it wasn’t really the ocean- it was a sound machine. And I was rocking my infant who went from fussy to sleepy as I held her.

My thoughts in this tender mother-daughter moment: freaking intermittent reinforcement.

See, I hadn’t been rocking her in the middle of the night in a while. Normally if she fusses, it takes only a few minutes and she is able to put herself back to sleep.

So why was I in there this night at 3 am? Did she cry for an extra long time? Was it a louder cry? Was it a different cry- making me think she was in pain or something? I have no idea. I don’t make the most sound decisions when startling awake at 3 am.

​So there I was.  Just rocking my littlest girl and thinking about intermittent reinforcement.

So there I was.  Just rocking my littlest girl and thinking about intermittent reinforcement. (What an ABA nerd!)  I was worried that my being there that moment would increase the frequency of her middle of the night cries. I was worried that I was intermittently reinforcing the crying behavior.

Intermittent (interval or ratio schedules) schedules of reinforcement tend to make behaviors the most resistant to extinction. That is- they can easily be considered the strongest schedules of reinforcement.

So was I using the strongest schedule of reinforcement to reinforce my baby’s middle of the night crying?! Enter my thoughts: freaking intermittent reinforcement.

I rocked my sweet girl until she was sound asleep. And then I rocked her some more. Because you know what was happening- my middle of the night rocking behavior was being seriously reinforced. That sweet quiet alone time is pretty special to a mom. So baby girl effectively used intermittent reinforcement to increase the future frequency of my middle of the night rocking chair sessions.

Freaking intermittent reinforcement.

Just who was reinforcing who?

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