What do you need right now? These 6 little words are my new mantra. This one little question can turn a moment of chaos into an opportunity to turn things positive.  What do you need right now?

When emotions are running high, pause. Breathe. Then ask yourself- what do you need right now? What is it that will not only salvage this day but help me to live my values? What do you need RIGHT NOW in this moment? Why are emotions running high? What need has not been met?

Picture this: your kids are arguing. I know that never happens in your house- just imagine it anyway.  Sibling squabbles are ruling your every day and you are SICK. OF. IT. The kids start picking at each other and bickering again. You’ve had enough. You’re about to snap. Instead of raising your voice at that moment, pause. Ask yourself what do you need right now?

Well, I need the kids to stop arguing.

Okay- is yelling at them working?

No. They haven’t stopped fighting.

So do you need calm in your house? Do you need a break? Do you need your kids to model kindness?

The last one! They have not been kind lately and I’m upset and worried about it.

It sounds like what you need RIGHT NOW is for your kids to do something kind. Go make that happen!

So you go and start them doing random acts of kindness for family members, friends, and neighbors. The focus shifts, the arguing slows down, and you did more than just survive the day.

6 little words: What do you need right now?

Mom life is super draining. When you are feeling just blah and struggling to find motivation to be the fun mom you thought you’d be…you guessed it. Ask yourself what do you need right now? Do you need a break? Talk to your partner, do a child care swap with a friend, hire a babysitter, call the grandparents, get creative to get yourself a little breathing room. Do you need some encouragement?

Positive reinforcement for your mom job may be few and far between. Seek it out. Tell your partner what all you accomplished today. Tell them you need them to notice things and compliment you. Tell them what you need right now to get yourself back to being the best version of yourself. You need more positive reinforcement. Make that clear.

What do you need right now? What need is unmet? What value do you feel you’ve strayed from? What do you need RIGHT NOW? This exact moment. Don’t zoom out to the whole day, week, or even your year.

What do you need right now?

You don’t have to save it for when emotions are running high or your day has started poorly. Get in the habit of checking in with yourself regularly. Breathe. Pause. What do you need right now? That moment of mindfulness is the definition of self-care. These six little words are how you put your oxygen mask on first.

What do you need right now?